Five Cats looking for a way to pass the time. What better path than to share our thoughts on wine, catnip, and whatever else takes our fancy. (But mostly wine.)


Cats are not demanding creatures, despite our reputations. All we require is good (not merely edible) food, a cozy spot from which to watch the world, and an occasional scratch under the chin. Not like those dogs, who require constant pats and cooing sounds and trips outside to tend to business.

But even so, there are times when even the most devoted napper needs something more. Squishy foam balls and catnip-stuffed furry mice will only get you so far. Especially on those days when the wait-staff disappear for hours on end.

There are the usual solutions to those potential bouts of boredom – a little claw-sharpening on the special sofa, a visit to the kitchen to enjoy the views from the counter or even a snooze on the most recently washed load of laundry, still neatly folded in the basket. Our home, we recently discovered, also has another excellent way to pass the time: a corkscrew so easy to use that even a canine could manage. And plenty of wine bottles to test it on.

So here we are, the five of us, enjoying this nectar of the gods. What should flow most naturally from this than that we should grace the world with our musings on this sweet ambrosia and the thoughts it inspires? Ah, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers (and sisters). We are Five Cats and a Corkscrew.


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