The Best Day of the Year

Humans are very excited by holidays. Whether time spent at home or visiting some strange and fantastical new place, the idea of just being is one that seems to send people into a frenzy of good feelings.

We cats can appreciate that. It’s what we prefer to do with most of our time. We don’t understand why humans don’t do it more often. But then, who would make sure our food was served on time and that certain box kept clean? Perhaps it’s just as well that humans only engage in this behavior in small doses.

This last month or so represents one of the largest of the holiday stretches. The wait-staff spend a great deal of time visiting other homes or having other humans visit our home. The wine flows freely, there’s a great deal of food, and we cats shake our heads and ponder the dates on the calendar, trying to calculate how many more days of this behavior we must tolerate.

And then, that most blessed of days. After all the bustle and noise, a simple day of quietude, perfect for a little introspection and some good chin rubs. Paper is pulled off boxes, and both empty box and balled up paper become the possession of us felines. There’s still food and wine, but just enough for our happy household. Everyone settles in for a pleasant day of nothing.

On such a slow and easy day, the wine should be one that invites you to simply sit back and sip, relax and reflect. Perhaps a good shiraz to mark the day – the notorious Penfold’s Grange is always a yummy choice for a day of slow drinking though a Mollydooker Boxer will serve just as nicely.

For those who prefer something in a white, perhaps with a little more brightness, enjoy the crispness of a Puligny-Montrachet Chard from J.M. Boillot or the minerals of the Iron Horse Chard. For those who like a good oak balance, there’s always the old faithfuls of  Kendall Jackson Chard or Beringer Private Reserve Chard.

Of course, such slow days are also good for something with a little more weight. Ice-wines can be hard to find, particularly the German version, but very delicious. The Canadians produce some wonderful ice-wines, including Henry of Pelham Riesling Ice-wine and the Inniskillin Sparkling Vidal. Yes, it sounds like the latest hair shampoo, but the very tiny bubbles help bring out the brightness of the wine, which can often get lost under the sweetness of lesser ice-wines.

We would also mention that slow days are also perfect for enjoying fruit wines. Fruit wines need not be the cough syrup so many wine drinkers fear. A really top-notch fruit wine should remind you of the best fruit at its peak flavor, and go down smooth and easy. There are plenty of fruit wine producers out there, but your best bet is often to find your local producer. Every state has local producers who make top notch wines using locally grown fruit. Heck, even Florida, which is not exactly a hotbed of wine production, has such lovely local fruit wines like De Luna Winery.

So sit back, sip some wine, and just be.


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