Enjoying the Local Wildlife

We try not to be too difficult, for the sake of our wait-staff. We recognize that humans have some serious limitations; but there are times when we cats must be cats. That urge to pounce, especially when something small and furry scurries by, can be irresistible.

Witness the latest lapse by Mostest. Simply foraging outside after dark, so caught up in her sensory enjoyment that she ignored all calls to return home. Sometimes even the tastiest of treats just isn’t reason enough to accommodate the humans.

When Mostest did return, she managed to tiptoe past the wait-staff with an interesting find. A small gray thing, definitely a squirrel of some sort. Not, however, the usual large fuzzy-tailed rodent, that sits at the top of the fence and chitters pointless threats at us. This was quite smaller, with small stripes along the sides, and a much softer voice. It was, we admit, very cute. And Mostest had been very careful. No damage, at least not yet.

Of course, as soon as Mostest released our new friend, it dodged under the grandfather clock. We gathered around, poking under the clock to encourage this strange squirrel to come out. Amazingly, the wait-staff, normally of such poor hearing that we are required to make our demands in very loud voices, were able to hear the small bleats from under the grandfather clock.

We were shooed — shooed!– away, and a few moments later, the tiny rodent darted across the hall and into the room the wait-staff call “the bathroom”. One human ran in behind while the other closed the door, effectively blocking us from joining the fun.

Mostest was most offended – after all, this was supposed to be for feline entertainment. Sometimes the wait-staff can be infuriatingly dull witted.

Eventually, the other human emerged from the bathroom carrying the garbage can wrapped up in a towel. We could hear the squirrel scampering inside the can, though our attempts to assist were rebuffed. We were forced to watch from inside as the can was carried some distance from the house and the towel removed. As you’ve probably guessed, our new friend quickly scaled a nearby tree and disappeared.

After some investigation, we determined that our new find was a southern flying squirrel. No word on what it tastes like, though we know which tree to watch, so that detail may be one we can fill in later.

Despite this bad behavior on the part of the wait-staff, we kindly decided to overlook it and enjoy the final bit of holiday making as the champagne bottle emerged from its time in the cold box. And so we will borrow from our wait-staff and wish everyone a happy new year, and may you have many opportunities to drink the stars.


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