It’s Super

It’s another one of those weekends when the humans gather together to share food and drink and yell at the television. We’re not fond of these events – all those humans running around our household, disturbing the peace and quiet for no good reason. We understand the need to be disruptive occasionally, but that’s best reserved for the felines in the family.

Fortunately, our wait-staff will be participating in the day’s events at a different household. One with a dog, and as we all know, dogs have no self-control or etiquette so hosting hordes of humans is no great cost.

To celebrate an afternoon on our own, we decided to open a bottle of something bubbly. After all, there’s a hint of spring in the air, there’s a peaceful feeling in the house, and the first birds are singing in the backyard. Even the sun is feeling warmer. It’s definitely a good time to enjoy something with a little personality.

There were several options available, but the winner was a recent discovery from one of our favorite Australian wineries, Two Hands. This particular bubbly was a Moscato known as Brilliant Disguise. There’s just enough bubbles to tickle the nose, but not so much that it becomes just another champagne wanna-be.

This Moscato has that lovely sweetness you expect from the grape, but there’s a nice balance from the slight mineral flavor of the bubbles. Moscatos are sometimes viewed as desert wines given their level of sweetness, but the Two Hands variety never goes that far. This Moscato’s sweetness will draw you in and have you rolling the silky liquid around your mouth. It’s also a good match for spicy food, serving as a balance against heavy heat but without burying it beneath a heavy, syrupy flavor.

If you’re having a hard time finding the Two Hands Brilliant Disguise but still feel the need for something refreshing, we would also suggest another Australian, the De Bortoli Emeri. This is a pink gem, with strong strawberry flavors and a succulent finish. It also avoids the too-sweet nature of some Moscatos and will leave you wishing you had another bottle on hand.

Finally, we decided after our last post that we should share some of our feline wisdom with the world. After all, if humans went to all that trouble to develop the catterbox, we should make some effort on our part to provide you with our insights. So, we may, when the need strikes, leave you with a final thought.

Today, we’ll simply say that if the need to play strikes you at 3 a.m., then you should play. Chase those feet under the covers, test the springs in the recliner, or put an end to that annoying clock once and for all. Who needs sleep at 3 a.m. anyway? You have all day to do that.


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