It still amazes us how quickly one’s view of humans can shift. One moment you’re bemoaning their bad behavior towards other life forms, then the next thing you know, they’re doing something spectacular – almost holy even.

This past weekend saw another hurricane strike. Having been personal witness to these beasts, we know that they are not to be trifled with. Hurricanes are monstrously huge and pack an unrivaled punch. And if the wind doesn’t knock you down, you face the prospect of serious flooding from either a rapidly advancing ocean, an overflowing river, or the sheer volume of rain. To top it all off, hurricanes can spawn other weather hazards as well – tornados sit at the top of that list of dangerous creations. All in all, hurricanes should be feared and avoided.

Avoidance, alas, is not always possible. Hurricanes can spread out and cover hundreds of miles along their breadth. Even with forewarning, getting out of the way is not always easy or even possible. Many end up staying in the path of the storm, pinning their survival on prayers and a dogged determination to believe that these walls, this roof, this house will be strong enough.

When a truly horrendous hurricane hits, the news reports are often filled with grim images of the destruction left behind and stories about those who have vanished. There are always scenes of people being pulled from the rubble or rescued from the rooftops.

So it is truly wondrous to see humans leaping in to help in such dire situations. Ordinary people arrived despite the ongoing torrent of rain, armed with whatever boats, kayaks and even paddle boards they could find. Answering pleas that had gone out from friends and family, they pushed their way through to those who were stranded.

And it wasn’t just humans being carried to drier ground. Dogs, cats, horses, cattle. All were being led away from the dangerously high and fast waters. Even now, volunteer convoys have started moving pets separated from their owners to a safe location to await that happy reunion.

It’s proof that somewhere, deep inside, humans really are good creatures.

So we offer our deepest gratitude to those who braved that monster known as Harvey. You are our Lionheart.

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