But Baby it’s Cold(ish) Outside

At long last, the first signs of fall have arrived. The air is cool and crisp enough that even Fuzzums is willing to stick a paw or two outside, the sky has that darker, almost cerulean shade of blue, and the humans have started placing orange and black decorations everywhere.

We’ve learned over the years that this strange color motif has something to do with “Halloween”. Grumpy Old Man has tried to explain this concept to us, but we’re not entirely sure what the whole thing is about. Not quite a holiday but more than just a fun day, it is a rather convoluted tale involving witches, ghosts, zombies, spells, druids, pumpkins, candy, and black cats. What we have learned is that hordes of small children ring the doorbell and receive candy in return. For some reason, the children are all wearing strange costumes, which the adults are required to coo over.

Mysterious has a particular hatred for this weirdness. On most days, people are perfectly willing to ignore him, but as Halloween draws near, his black fur attracts the attention of every human who passes by. Strangers insist on approaching him and calling him Halloween kitty. A few declaim about bad luck and run away, which is particularly odd, since humans are perfectly capable of generating their own bad luck. Do they really imagine a cat would waste any effort doing the same thing?

And so Mysterious often spends more time than he might otherwise desire inside. If he does venture outside, it’s somewhere he can hide and not be seen by passing humans. (That patch of elephant ears is nearly impenetrable to the common human.)

As you might expect, all that inside time requires some sort of entertainment.  The plastic spiders have been useful this year – dropped into a spot where the humans aren’t expecting it has led to some wonderful reactions. Unfortunately, the humans have caught on to that trick and more recent reactions have been dull at best. Clearly it was time to turn to other means to survive this involuntary confinement. What could be better than a bottle of something comfortable and homey, something to counter the chill as well as the incessant human interruptions?

After examining the choices, we decided to fall back on an old favorite. We’ve tried some new wines recently, and been quite happy with some, but there are days when you need that old familiar flavor in your glass.  For us that meant enjoying a glass of Apothic Red.

Apothic is a dark blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel and Syrah. It’s filled with the dark berry flavors, like cherry and blackberry, that you would expect from such a blend, but there’s also chocolate and spice, with a long, lingering vanilla finish.  It may not be the most complex wine you’ll ever enjoy, but it has layers that develop slowly and a wonderful savoriness that encourages long, slow sips. It’s not too heavy, despite the darker flavors, and so it pairs well with most food options. It’s the kind of wine that it’s always nice to have on hand – just in case.

As that dreadful day inches ever close, no doubt we’ll be opening a few more bottles of Apothic. What a relief when the weirdness comes to an end and even Mysterious can snooze in the sun without interruption once again.

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