Confounding humans are at it again. Having provided a feast of turkey and days spent sleeping late, watching football, and generally taking life at a much slower pace, yesterday brought another around of bad behavior.

This time it was Fuzzums and Mostest who were subjected to THAT place. THAT place, of course, being the dreaded vet’s office. It was time, so it was reported, for another round of annual shots. And so the girls were unceremoniously placed in carriers and toted off for another round of prodding, poking, and painful sticks in the hindquarters.

Mostest attempted her quick escape again this year. Unfortunately, the humans also remembered her sudden dive down the large tube hidden in the countertop in the examination room. True, it leads to the garbage can but it held the humans at bay for a short while last year. This year, the humans kept a hand placed over the tube and despite repeated requests from Mostest, they refused to allow access to the tube. Mostest was forced to scrunch herself into a corner and stare balefully at her enemies.

Fuzzums hunkered down in her carrier and did her best to remain there, claws firmly attached to blanket, switching to plastic as soon as the tech tried to scoop her from the box. But even this was not enough. The tech was able to detach her claws and place her on the counter, where the vet went through the whole vicious cycle – light in eyes, cold stethoscope against the chest, pressing of the stomach. It’s just too much.

Given the wretchedness of their morning, Mostest and Fuzzums were allowed to select the afternoon wine. There was some indecision, since they were still reeling from the cruelty of the visit, but after some investigation, they found a dusty bottle of Keller Meister still hidden in the racks. It was one of our favorites, Ralph’s Original. Best of all, it was a 2011, so it had a little age to it.

Ah, the joy! So smooth, so deep, so fat with plump berries. We slurped, we rolled it around our tongues, we slouched into our favorite sleeping spots. It was so good, it almost made up for THAT place. Sometimes all you need is a sip of your favorite nectar to make the world right again.

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