Christmas Wrapping

Another year is coming to an end which means another burst of holiday activity has arrived. Christmas gifts have appeared under the tree, the Menorrah lights have been lit, and there is a general feeling of warmth in the air not related to the muggy weather that has returned.

We’ve noticed that no matter how hard the staff works to finish all the gift shopping with alacrity, there always seems to be a few last minute details to tend to. A few small presents, a sudden burst of inspiration, or just a bit of laziness early on and suddenly there’s a mad dash to wrap up those final details. Now, our humans are quite good about taking care of our needs, but for those out there who are not so careful, we offer a few ideas for last-minute feline presents:

  • Yeowww! Toys – always popular with our crowd, these catnip-filled bits of joy are excellent for both energetic and more lethargic cats. We love the shapes of these toys, well-sized for chewing, kicking, and drooling. Best of all, they are made of a tough denim that withstands even the most ardent devotee of catnip infused toys. If you’re looking for something that won’t fall apart after a day of feline fun, invest in a few Yeowww!’s for your favorite kitties.
  • Temptations treats – nothing exotic or hard-to-find here but we do so love these crunchy little bits. One shake is all it takes and we will magically appear. There are few things that will convince us to respond to a human summons, but Temptations are just that perfect blend of flavors and aromas. We personally prefer anything with seafood, but chicken, turkey, and other such tastes are available for those who like a more gamey flavor.
  • Kitty Friend Food Storage and Bowl  – support the work of a small company that helps find homes for cats and give your own feline an easy way to keep food fresh and classy. This clever device lets you keep your food in a far more attractive container than a bag, and will help keep any left over bits nice and fresh for later snacking. Your cats will thank you!
  • Katris Modular Cat Furniture – in case you’re on the outs with your cat companion and need to make up for some bad behavior, or you just feel like splurging on your best friend, invest in some of these wonderful pieces. The furniture can be purchased as individual pieces/boxes or in sets of five. These wonderful pieces fulfill so many needs – a box to sit in, a place to climb and be up high, a bit of wood to scratch and chew – your cats will be beyond happy and you’ll have something that looks good.
  • Pet Fusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge – cats love cardboard. It’s firm enough to do some serious sharpening, yet soft enough to protect tender toes. This particular piece has plenty of curves and even a few hidey-holes, and best of all, plenty of surface to scratch on. This isn’t a piece that will wear away in just a few short days – there’s enough cardboard here to keep a whole passel of felines happy for a very long time.

Of course, you could always consider the ultimate gift – providing a home for an animal in need. There are plenty of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and every other imaginable variety of creature that are desperately searching for a place to call their own. Check with your local shelter or rescue groups – your perfect companion is out there somewhere, and for that one simple act, you will receive a lifetime of unquestioning love.


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