Christmas Day has arrived and it is, as always, the best part of the holiday season. Last night there was much to-ing and fro-ing, what with last minute shopping and friends popping by and the big Christmas Eve party (okay, it wasn’t that big) which means lots of noisy laughter and chatter and (worst of all) singing. Eventually, all non-household humans departed and some semblance of order was restored.

Today, ah today, is so perfect. The humans are drowsy but happy. Gifts have been opened but the wrapping paper and paper bags still litter the floor, so we five have something to enjoy as well. New scratch pads, several catnip toys, and a large ball of yarn have all appeared and placed within easy paw’s reach. A roast has just gone into the oven and the scent wafts gently though the rooms. Take a deeper breath and you can also enjoy the wonderful aromas of fresh rosemary and hot chocolate.

Today we remain happily ensconced at home, enjoying a day of uninterrupted time with the staff. There will be extra chin skritches and many cooing noises, and we will happily provide a symphony of hearty purrs to show our appreciation. Tomorrow will be time enough to return to the every day world of hurry and worry.

Such a fine day deserves a fine wine as well. The staff pulled a bottle of Chateau Duhart-Milon from 1989. This Pauillac is another of the inherited bottles and emerged from the rack with a nice coating of dust. This clearly was a wine that had been left undisturbed for some time and we had to give a nod of approval for its selection.

Duhart-Milton is part of the Rothschild wine empire, and while it may not draw the attention that other Rothschild wines receive, it is a wonderful wine for slow sipping around the house on a quiet, peaceful day. This is classic Bordeaux, big and bold, full of velvety tannins and dark, mysterious fruits. It lingers on the palate just long enough to invite another sip. Go slowly with this one, and enjoy an amazing array of flavors as the wine opens up in your glass.

Whatever wine you may be enjoying today, we hope that it is in the company of those you hold dear, whether family, friends, or simply your favorite feline. Enjoy the warmth and love, and don’t forget to say a toast to those perfect moments. Merry Christmas, dear friends, and may this day be gloriously unbusy for everyone!

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