Beastly Behavior

The waitstaff have struck once again. Grumpy Old Man and Big Fat were unceremoniously deposited into traveling boxes and driven to the vet’s office for another round of annual shots. Poked, prodded and injected – it’s a terrible event and one we firmly believe should be done away with.

At the very least, the humans need to be subjected to the same treatment every year. Just to be fair.

Alas, there’s no obvious sign that the waitstaff have been subjected to the same indignities and we were forced to try and find some other means of comforting ourselves. We made a move for the wine supply but had to rethink our plan. Several other humans appeared in our home and hovered around the bottles for reasons as yet unknown. Worst of all, they didn’t leave quickly. They hung about, clucking over the selection, then discussing their latest bout of binge watching. When they did finally leave, they had several favorite bottles in hand and tossed out promises to throw the best wine party ever.


What to do instead? After all, Grumpy Old Man and Big Fat really needed something to aid with their recovery. Hot chocolate was an option, and for a moment, it looked like it would be Mayan Cocoa all around.

But Grumpy Old Man decided that he wanted something less heavy in the stomach. (He’s at that age….) Our final choice – hot tea.

Tea is another favorite beverage of ours. It shares many of the same qualities that we love about wine. The best teas have complexity, smoothness, and offer an endless variety of possibilities. Oolongs and black teas are usually are first choices, but we love a good green or white as well. A delicate white, filled with florals and something almost ethereal, can be the most peaceful experience you’ll ever enjoy.

So having partaken of our favorite teas while waiting for the extra humans to depart, we thought it might be worth a mention of the teas we love to love:

  • Harney & Sons – based in New York, Harney teas can be found across the country in grocery stores and specialty shops. Their most popular flavors include traditional Earl Grey and their Paris blend. If you have a chance, make sure to visit one of their own stores though, where you will be treated to an amazing variety of delicious teas that run the gamut from basic black to rare dragon teas. We love the mint chocolate and the black snail.
  • Kusmi teas – originally a traditional Russian tea maker, Kusmi teas moved operations to Paris during the Revolution. Their teas reflect their heritage – distinct flavors you won’t find among the usual grocery store fare. Kusmi has also been expanding their flavors in recent years, including more berry flavors and wider array of tastes. Our personal favorite – one of the long-time traditionals Bouquet de Fleurs.
  • Palais des Thes – a French tea, these are usually lighter on added flavors than English style teas. Many of the Palais teas have more in common with traditional Asian teas – milky oolong, golden yunnan, dark pu erh. The silver needles white is pricey but oh-so-amazing!
  • T2 – an amazing Australian company, these teas are a wonderful combination of traditional English ideas and Asian influences. Their market share in the U.S. has been expanding in recent years as they open more stores. If you’re really lucky, you may be able to find it in local stores rather than having to track down one of their own. We have two black teas we’re particularly fond of – Melbourne breakfast and Singapore breakfast (a tea that is truly toasty!).

It’s a great big world out there, and tea is a wonderful reflection of the variety and possibilities that exist in that world. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a tea that will match your mood.

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