And After the High….

So there we were, enjoying our bounty of Jacques Torres chocolate, happily ensconced in our own little world, when what should we discover one early morning upon waking but water covering the kitchen floor. Well, we had noticed it seeping out during the night, but our waitstaff was unaware until the next morning when they stumbled into the kitchen in their usual early hour fog and after a few moments, finally realized the floor was wet.

There were a few quietly muttered obscenities, some peering under cabinets, and after a few more choice words, our happy bit of privacy ground to a halt. One of the dreaded class of humans known as plumber was called to address the water issue. After some poking around, the refrigerator was moved from its usual spot to reveal a perfectly lovely stream of water flowing from the feed pipe for the water heater. The only bit of good news in all this was that the plumber was efficient and, dare we even admit it, friendly.

The pipe was replaced, the water turned back on, and a few jokes exchanged. If that had been the end of it, we could have happily returned to our chocolate consumption. Alas and alack, the clothes dryer started to malfunction soon after and yet another worker was called in. This one was rather noisy, engaging in lots of banging and  thumping that seemed to drag on for hours.

Grumpy Old Man and Big Fat were both forced into hiding under the bedspread. Mysterious stayed outside as long as possible but once the daily thunderstorm hit, even he was forced inside, opting to join Fuzzums and Mostest in the deepest, darkest corner in the closet.

Eventually, the repairman completed his work and all was quiet once again. We are moderately optimistic, keeping in mind that these things always seem to come in threes. So far, no other major repairs have been required and no other invaders have been summoned. Those last few bites of chocolate have been calling since the dryer repairman departed.

What we also needed was a good wine to help with our recovery. Fortunately, one of our favorite regular visitors had recently gotten his hands on some top wine and was  willing to share a couple of bottles with our household. Our choice for a rainy afternoon spent recovering from the invasion – a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru from Chateau Figeac.

Like all Grand Cru classifications, the Saint-Emilion version has stricter requirements than the general area of Saint-Emilion. This particular grand cru was created in 1954. Despite complaints that the grand cru wasn’t deserved (rules that are too lax, too much in common with the general Bordeaux designation), the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru’s have become some of the top Bordeaux wines and have seen a steady rise in popularity.

The Chateau Figeac we enjoyed was a typical Bordeaux – a beautiful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. And such a fine balance between the sharp tannins and hints of cedar and the deep, lush flavors of cassis and blackberry. Our bottle still tastes young and vibrant, but it will age well. If you manage to hold onto it rather than drinking it right away, expect something smooth and balanced and long in flavor.

Isn’t it amazing how much better the world can seem after a fine glass of wine?

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