Love Thy Neighbor

Those familiar with Christianity will recognize the title of this blog as part of the second of God’s Ten Commandments on how to live a good and proper life, what today might be called God’s Little Instruction Book. Love thy neighbor as yourself seems straightforward and relatively simple, but like so much that involves human behavior, it is complex and shaded and sometimes hard to find.

These current times seem to particularly invite dissent and anger. News, entertainment, even every day interactions seem fraught with the potential for mistrust and hatred. Even something as simple as placing a flag on the memorial stone of a beloved parent in celebration of Independence Day can become a political statement that divides rather than unites. There’s an urge to curl up and hide away until some sensibility returns, however long that takes.

We know, we know, we promised not to whine on this blog. It’s just been so hard to escape the fatalism though. Even one of our favorite shows, Star Trek, has taken a decidedly darker and far less hopeful turn in its current incarnation. We’ve been going back and watching episodes from the predecessor series’s just to find something happy. Dang nab it, we want Picard back on the bridge, large and in charge. Or maybe just a day spent listening to the various chief engineers, wallowing in all that techno-babble.

Certainly we would never promote alcohol as a solution to despair, and we would definitely never recommend drinking to excess. (No handy hyposprays to take care of those morning-after efffects.) But a glass of wine and Spock turning primal thanks to the Pon Farr…well, for a brief moment in this angry world, it’s fun to forget what lays outside your door.

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