And What Would Alex Say?

There are certain TV shows that just lend themselves to a nice glass of wine – and that old standard Jeopardy certainly fits into that category. At least, if you’re watching from home, safely ensconced on the sofa with a blanket and a cat or two…. if you’re on the set, scrambling to be the first to ring in, things are probably a lot more tense. (Which would make wine a must-have in our opinion – and possibly make the show even more interesting.)

It’s one of the few shows our humans make a real effort to watch whenever a new episode is airing and we’ll admit that we have definitely enjoyed our share of Jeopardy moments (three contestants without a single iota of football knowledge among them). We were even more impressed to learn that Alex Trebek once owned (well, partially owned) his own winery. Sadly, the vineyard was sold after the vines were infested with phylloxera and the owners were unwilling to invest in replacing them.

After watching a recent episode, the question was posed: What wine-related questions would you include in a Jeopardy category devoted to wine? There were quite a few suggestions, so after some wrangling, we finally narrowed it down to our  top five questions.

1. These two grapes are the primary grapes in a White Bordeaux

What are Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon?

2.  The earliest known wine production occurred in the Zagros Mountain area of this modern-day middle eastern nation

What is Iran?

3.  The most expensive bottle of wine sold at auction was produced by this Burgundian vineyard named after a bitter rival of Madame de Pompadour

What is Romanee-Conti?

4.  A mature wind is said to have a “bouquest” and a younger wine is said to have this characteristic

What is aroma?

5.  Wine that has no odor is described by this four letter word

What is numb or what is dumb

So there it is, our Jeopardy wine questions. All we need now is a cutesy category name and we’re on our way to becoming full-time writers for Jeopardy. Now that’s a job we can get behind.







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