That Man in the Red Suit

Oh, yes! Santa is due for his annual world tour which means presents are beginning to appear under the tree. While there are some things we don’t care for during this season, there are definitely plenty of good ideas as well.

The Christmas tree is certainly near the top of the list. Fresh is preferred, with that wonderful smell and that unmistakable feeling of warmth. Curling up against the trunk of a real tree is an amazing feeling – close your eyes and you’d almost believe you’re in the forest. And then the humans add all those ornaments which we know are really just extra toys for us cats. For the truly adventurous feline, the tree also represents a wonderful opportunity to test your climbing skills, though the humans can get rather testy if the whole thing falls over.

Presents. We do appreciate presents. We really like the ones that have bows, or even better, the ones with the curly ribbon (always delivered by a human without cats in the household). So far we’ve already lost three bows under the sofa and torn most of the wrapping paper off a box wrapped with that irresistible ribbon.

We really appreciate presents that are meant for us. The best humans know to include a little something for us when they drop off something for our waitstaff. Wine is always at the top of our wish list but so few humans seem to recognize that. But we really enjoy some of the other gifts we’ve received down through the years.

Suddenly realized that you may not have remembered your feline companion as well as you should have? Here’s our list of preferred feline gifts for this holiday season:

  • Wooly Cat Caves – Round and wooly cat abodes made of hand-felted Alpine wool. Warm, snug and strangely artistic, it’s just the thing to keep your cat happy during the winter season.
  • Enisyl-F Lysine – Originally found its way into our household after Fuzzums had some goopy discharge in one eye. Our vet recommended this as a way to keep her eyes clear. Normally we frown upon anything vet-associated, but this proved so yummy that Fuzzums (and the rest of us) happily licked those human fingers clean. Available in chews, bites or gel (our favorite).
  • SmartyKat Sweet Greens – You’ve probably seen this at your local pet store. A package of seeds with a picture of a cat on the box. Trust us, your cat really will lick his chops, just like the one on the package. Fresh oat grass not only tastes delicious but can also aid with any digestive issues (like hairballs).
  • Scratch Pad – Head over to Uncommon Goods and order up the laptop cat scratching pad. It’s the perfect gift for that one feline who can’t resist the lure of the computer. It even comes with a “monitor” that displays an enticing image of fish in a tank.

Grab that glass of wine, curl up by the fire (or under the tree) and just relax. For one day, the world can wait.

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