Super Sunday is Back

Well, football is taking center stage once again. The way the humans behave, you’d think this was a national holiday. Certainly many humans have declared it to be so. Fortunately, our humans won’t be hosting a party this year. Instead, they’ll be heading up the street to spend game time with a group of friends at an…acquaintance’s home.

(We prefer to call this person an acquaintance though our humans often describe this person as a “good friend”. Said individual owns TWO dogs and prefers beer. Such personage deserves only to be an acquaintance.)

So what will we be doing? Well, we will enjoy some football though with teams named Patriots and Rams, it’s hard to decide who to root for…or against. Though rams at least are animals so we’re leaning in their favor.

Of greater interest to us is over on Animal Planet and the Hallmark Channel – Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl are back, and newcomer Cat Bowl will join the pack. In addition to providing a respite from hours and hours of football coverage that doesn’t involve actual football, this is a fantastic opportunity to revel in some happy moments, soaking in the simple joy of chasing a ball or snoozing an afternoon away. And for those who are petless, it’s a nice way to get your animal fix.

More importantly, all of the cats, kittens and (ugh) dogs are available for adoption. If, after you’ve spent some time watching all this adorableness and decide you must adopt, personal bios of the participants are available online. Of course, you probably won’t be the only one who falls in love after watching a few of these cuties, but remember, there are plenty of other cats, kittens and (ugh) dogs just waiting for their forever home. Plenty of local shelters have more than enough cuteness to go around, so please, consider a visit to your local shelter or place a call to your nearest humane society to find your new best friend. You’ll save a life and bring home the best solution to all your stress. And we won’t hold it against you if you open your home to a dog as well.

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