We don’t always claim to understand human behavior. There are many things that leave us feeling genuinely puzzled and clearly the best thing  is simply to ignore these odd doings as much as possible. There are any number of activities that fit into this category, starting off with being friendly to dogs.

Another one that leaves us puzzled is this thing called a job. It removes the humans from the household for several hours a day, several days a week. It’s not that we need the constant presence of humans. On the contrary, an absence of humans is often a good thing. But, it does make it annoying when you do the waitstaff and they’re off at this Job, doing whatever it is they do all day.

We’ve heard the humans comment before that jobs are necessary – jobs, somehow, make wine a possibility. So it was disheartening (for the humans) when one good friend found himself without a job. There were offers of assistance and invitations to dinner.

Alas, the search goes on and our friend has been feeling frustrated of late. How many interviews must a person go through before an offer is finally made? It’s enough to make even the most feline of felines begin to feel a mite depressed.

So at our most recent dinner, we decided an appropriate wine would be one that allowed one to commiserate but without getting maudlin. Something that would offer emotional support during tough times but also offer a ray of sunshine. A red, we decided. Reds are wonderful for sorrow-drowning but with  enough fruit, they can keep things light enough to avoid slipping into a state of full depression.

Our choice for the night – a red from one of our favorite vintners and one we’ve mentioned before, SLO Down Wines Stand Out. This cab/merlot blend is bold fruit with just enough tannins to keep it balanced. It’s wonderfully plush in the mouth, filling all your senses, and yet it slides down so very, very easy. It’s a wine that promises a bright future even if things are looking a bit glum at the moment. Heck, it will make any gray day just a bit brighter.

We have to say, the Stand Out did its job. Our friend may not have left here with a job, but at least he had a good dinner with friends, and for that moment, the worries of the world and the lack of a job, seemed more distant.

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