Chocolate Delight

One of the greatest creations of all time must be chocolate. It’s wonderfully versatile – it can be either sweet or bitter, a powder or a sauce, a morning pick-me-up or the ultimate late-night dessert. It’s a universally beloved food that has inspired countless books, videos and Instagram accounts.

For many chocoholics, the epitome of chocolate perfection can be found in the Irish Cream Chocolate Sauce from Simon Pearce, though sauce might be an exaggeration. This lucious creation is so thick it can only be described as viscous. And rich! Deep, dark richness that goes on and on, carefully blended with the smoothness of Irish Cream. Simon Pearce suggests serving it over ice cream or bread pudding, though we would have to say, it goes well on anything. We especially love it on a hot mini baguette on Sunday morning for a quick and easy chocolate croissant substitute.

Wonder of wonders, Simon Pearce is not primarily about food. Simon Pearce, the man, was born in London in 1946. At age 4, his family moved to Ireland, where his father established a pottery. Simon became his apprentice at 16 but he soon realized that his own interest was in blown glass. After completing his apprenticeship, he traveled around Europe, taking positions with some of the top glass-makers on the continent and refining his own techniques.

In the 1970’s he returned to Ireland and started his own glass studio. Pearce always loved the countryside beauty of Ireland but he soon realized that from a business perspective, Ireland was not the place to be. In 1981, he moved his studio to the small town of Quechee in Vermont, taking over an old mill that he filled with his custom-designed molds and furnaces.

His designs quickly became top sellers and has grown into a successful company with over 200 employees, all dedicated to the arts of pottery and glassmaking. Which brings us to the chocolate sauce. Like many manufacturers, Pearce realized the value in allowing fans to visit the site where their favorite glass and pottery was made. Tours of the studio became part of the routine and a restaurant was added to the premises, to showcase both Simon Pearce glass and pottery as well as locally produced food.

Two of the most popular items on the menu are the Irish Cream Chocolate Sauce and the Raspberry Sauce. For years, regular customers begged the restaurant for take-home containers of these two tasty yum-yums. Eventually, the restaurant started selling both sauces in limited batches and fans celebrated, with good reason. Either sauce, on its own, will make your tastebuds dance for joy. Combined, your tastebuds will be singing your praises and cheering each and every bite.

The downside? That limited batch thing. Finding Simon Pearce sauces can be a bit of an expedition. Even their own website can be out of stock more often than not. But trust us, if you find it, you’ll be celebrating your victory with a little Irish jig of your own.

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