The (Mis)Adventures of Kitty Num-Num

Though we’re reluctant to report on the activities of other cats, we felt we had to mention one of our nearby neighbors. In this case, a perfidious Abyssinian who has struck our own home on more than one occasion. Kitty Num-Num, as the humans have dubbed the felonious feline, is a mere youth at two years of age but already has enough exploits to fill a small book.

Our first encounter with Kitty Num-Num involved a bag of catnip. Kitty Num-Num had ventured into our backyard, then into the house, all without drawing the attention of the waitstaff. After a quick investigation, Num-Num found a small bag of  the green stuff on top of the refrigerator. After dodging a surly reprimand from Grumpy Old Man and a quick swipe from Mysterious, Num-Num managed to escape with the bag of catnip just as one of our humans appeared.

Num-Num’s next misadventure involved a visit to the far end of the state to meet a parental unit of one of Num-Num’s humans. Kitty Num-Num slipped outside despite the humans’ attempt at confinement and found a way inside of a small store. The store’s owner happily provided a small can of tuna and a bit of entertainment before sending Kitty Num-Num home again.

And then there was the encounter with the Goose. The Goose is a wayward bird that had been adopted by an employee of a local wildlife rescue. The Goose is a rather temperamental creature and once sent a large mutt scampering for cover when it ventured too close. Kitty Num-Num snuck inside the Goose’s outdoor spa area and was greeted by a series of honks and hisses. Unperturbed, Kitty Num-Num managed to evade the Goose’s beak, all while exploring the forbidden zone. At the end of this adventure, Kitty Num-Num made off with a gardening glove left behind by a human.

Perhaps  our favorite Kitty Num-Num misadventure took place inside Kitty Num-Num’s own home. The waitstaff were “updating” some kitchen appliances. This process required removing the old appliances, revealing a hole in the wall behind the refrigerator. Before that hole had barely registered in the minds of the humans, Kitty Num-Num had leapt inside. Kitty Num-Num spent several hours exploring the true “interior” of the house before being lured back to the kitchen by the scent of roasted chicken.

While we prefer to minimize our own activities, especially those that don’t involve wine, we can truly appreciate the works of Kitty Num-Num. Such stories provide us with some wonderful entertainment on those nights when the rain is pouring down and the temperature has dropped. Or even just on a lazy Sunday afternoon when the world has stopped for a short while. So here’s to Kitty Num-Num and all those furry exploits. We’ve opened a bottle of Pinot Noir and await the next story.

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